AVM Engineering


Founded in 1991, AVM Engineering India Pvt. Ltd is a leading manufacture, design and consultancy service provider for various industrial, automobile and pump spares components.

Since its foundation AVM has been committed to design and manufacture high-quality, high-precision jobs that guarantee our customer’s high flexibility. AVM’s core philosophy is based upon ensuring that all our services are quality driven. Using our technical knowledge and quality control methods, we deliver low cost but high precision services within stipulated time thereby maximizing profitability, creating value and tangible benefits for our customers.

AVM specializes in designing, CNC machining (turning and milling), prototyping and Inspection of various components. With the facility for manufacturing and design components which requires high quality and precision,AVM delivers high end solutions to various consumer and industrial products, aviation, automobile and medical industries.

With the design and machining infrastructure and high end in-house machines e.g. BIGLIA SMART MILL TURN B 1200 S, AVM delivers wide variety of intricated products which require 5 axis milling and turning.

AVM’s work culture is supported by positive attitude, extensive experience, and strong core values, which is in turn driven by our passion for success in all that we do.With strong performance, productivity and retention, AVM strives to build long-term partnership with customers by delivering constant productivity benefits thereby creating long term, dedicated relationships with our customers.